About us

Jobfinder, a company established in 2002, has solidified its position as an effective supplier of recruitment services for Polish and foreign customers. We specialize in direct recruitment of high class employees for all ranks in sales and management divisions and for specialist positions.

The scope of services of our company has been constructed in a manner that it makes it easier for companies to meet their strategic and operational objectives by entrusting the recruitment processes to an external specialized supplier.

Our competitive advantages with respect to other recruitment companies include:

  •  Care for presentation to our customers of candidates that accurately comply with their requirements;
  • An extensive database, containing information about our candidates, that allows us to commence cooperation even today;
  • As a company without an extended administrative structure, we are able to provide top level services at moderate prices;
  • Working on the basis of remuneration paid after the processing of an order (success fee), our customers pay only when we have complied with their expectations;
  • Customers cooperate with persons and not with a company, which means that we are personally liable for the processing of your order and we accept liability for the success of your recruitment project.