Individual FRIS® Report

The FRIS® Model is used to understand and simply and accurately describe the key differences in the way you think and act. The name of the model is an abbreviation of the first letters of the words: FACT-RELATIONS-IDEE-STRUCTURES. It defines four cognitive perspectives, which in turn are used to describe the Thinking Styles and Action Styles. FRIS® is the first Polish tool created and verified by Polish researchers based on the answers given by Polish respondents. The FRIS® study was created in accordance with the knowledge and requirements for psychometric tools, and its accuracy and reliability was confirmed by appropriate statistical analyzes.

Your Thinking Style it shows what kind of information: facts, relationships, ideas or structures, is the most important and useful for you when you come across a new situation. It indicates what you prioritize and use most intensively, as well as what mental processes you perform most efficiently.

Your Action Style it results from the Thinking Style and the degree of use of other perspectives and determines the situations in which you are most effective.

When ordering a Individual FRIS® Report, you will learn:

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