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FRIS Recruitment Report

FRIS test

FRIS Recruitment Report is based on the diagnosis of expectations for a given position, and then an analysis of the potential and natural predispositions among candidates. In a condensed form, it describes the natural way of solving problems, potential strengths, possible sources of problems, and preferences regarding the activity and working conditions of each candidate. It also contains tailored suggestions for behavioral interview questions, thanks to which the recruiter will learn the candidate's competences faster.

Using the FRIS Recruitment Report helps to increase the candidate's adjustment to the job position, based on his natural predispositions.

FRIS Team Report

FRIS test

The FRIS Team Report presents a map of the team's potential expressed through the FRIS® Process from the moment of initiation to the implementation stage of the selected project. Each person has a description of their way of thinking, acting and the attitude they most willingly adopt in the team. Each report is also accompanied by a comment that describes the group dynamics, the model of communication and cooperation, and provides tips to help improve the effectiveness of the team.

Benefits of FRIS Team Report

The team is a variety of Thinking Styles. Good communication between team members and high efficiency of joint activities are a major challenge for many organizations. The FRIS model helps in this – quickly and easily determines the team's potential, recommends professional activities and provides tips on how to communicate in the best way.

FRIS Recruitment Report – benefits for the company


The Thinking Style indicates the types of tasks in which the greatest satisfaction is combined with the highest efficiency.


Getting to know the diversity and specificity of Thinking Styles of individual people helps to achieve the synergy effect.


Knowing the team members' Thinking Styles helps them communicate better and prevent conflicts.


The „FRIS Process” tool makes it easier to match people with the right predispositions to projects and tasks.

Reports and services based on FRIS® are offered by DCC Consulting, cooperating with JobFinder Agency.