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We wspópracy z Anną Skoczylas Agencja Jobfinder oferuje profesjonalne warsztaty i szkolenia dla firm.

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„The mind is like a parachute – it works best when it's open.”

Albert Einstein

In times of a pandemic, an employee market, a war in a neighboring country, shortages of raw materials and unpredictability of the market, changes have become the norm. The human mind is overstimulated, anxious and surrounded by bad information, which negatively affects the sense of action, motivation, loyalty to the employer, work atmosphere, commitment and coping in new conditions. The winners on the market are those companies that are flexible and aware of how to communicate effectively, create a good working atmosphere and build committed teams „playing for one goal”. The way of thinking of Managers and employees, despite the difficulties, is focused on looking for solutions and opportunities.

The solution is dedicated workshops, trainings and programs with a coaching process for Management Boards, Managers or employees, because they positively affect the effectiveness, morale of teams and development of the organization in a measurable way.

MINDSET AS CONSULTING Anna Skoczylas implements training projects through a team of experts, trainers and coaches with 20 years of experience working for international corporations and private companies, in managerial positions in various industries, including: production, IT, real estate, medical, insurance, training, financial, automotive, banking, FMCG. Trainers have both business experience and psychological and/or coaching background of ICF (the world's largest positive psychology federation). Among the Trainers are lecturers from renowned universities such as the Warsaw School of Economics.

If in your company:

STEP BY STEP we will guide you through the development of your organization and increase efficiency by:

Sample workshops, development programs and training for companies:

Effective communication, feedback, conflict resolution

Time management, productivity, automation

Wellbeing, emotional intelligence, stress management

Facilitation of meetings for teams, managers or boards

Effective teams building

Motivating and delegating tasks

Leadership, Effective Manager

Business, Executive Coaching

Project management

Design Thinking

Customer / Patient service

Mentoring for Managers

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Business mentor in the trend of positive psychology
Mental Trainer, Holistic Therapist
Lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and Brian Tracy International

Author of the book entitled: „What's good about what I can't see yet? The Mindset of Effective Teams.”


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